We're Here to Help You Appreciate Your Long Island

Quality Parks is a non-profit dedicated to conservation and environmental education on Long Island, NY. From beaches to parks to the Pine Barrens.  We offer training programs, environmental campaigns, and actions to protect Long Island Natural Areas.


Spiritual Ecology Walks - We offer events to the general public who are interested in building inner strength and resilience. Find community, share joys and sorrows, while spending time outdoors. These walks compliment all spiritual and religious practices. All are welcome.

Quality Parks Master Naturalists- This certification program is designed to develop a cadre of citizen conservation stewards dedicated to nature education, land stewardship, and community service on behalf of Long Island’s natural areas.

Long Island Environmental Campaigns

Box Turtle Pal Conservation Campaign - The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and take the necessary actions to support a local Long Island species in decline. Box Turtles enjoy the shade of a cool forest, the warmth of a sunny open field, a dip in a pond (but don't live in ponds), and wild raspberries.

Long Island Environmental News - provides that focused, holistic, system-wide perspective, that no other source of information provides. We pull our news from a variety sources, to benefit newspapers, social media, and readers.

Take Immediate Actions to Protect Long Island Natural Areas

Quality Parks - Incident Reporting System.

Dedicated To Raymond P. Corwin

Quality Parks President Mindy Block was married to Raymond P. Corwin, a well-known environmentalist and the energy behind the creation of the Long Island Pine Barrens Commission. Corwin served as its first Executive Director and held that office for 17 years, until his untimely death in April, 2010. The Quality Parks Master Naturalist will continue to be a way of engaging the community in their love & stewardship.

Since 2000, we are a Long Island based, 501(c)(3) charity,  improving the quality of your park visitation experience.
Quality Parks - P.O. Box 143 - Port Jefferson, NY - www.qualityparks.org - 631-473-6760 - info@qualityparks.org