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Quality Parks Master NaturalistNature Education, Land Stewardship, and Community Service

Special Projects - Accomplishments

  • Quality Parks Master Naturalist Development Fund - seeks additional funding
  • Long Island Environmental News - keep informed
  • Reopened Brookhaven State Park open for recreational access
  • Trained Pine Barrens Staff in Fire Dangers & Wildfire situational awareness
  • Spearheaded initial studies for tick presence/absence studies (a public health issue)
  • Planted Thousands of Trees as rehab post wildfire suppression tactics
  • Our Founder established the NY Adopt-A-Natural Stewardship Program
  • Sunrise Fire - a young adult novel protecting life, property, and the environment.

Special Projects Manager - Mindy O. Block

Wildlife Conservation Fund
As Quality Parks Founder and President, Mindy Block has a M.S. in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England, a M.S. in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook, and more than 25 years of environmental experience on Long Island. She works in land stewardship, public engagement, and conservation-related activities, as well as performing such tasks as webmaster, budgeting, finances, grant writing, content editing, publications, hands on conservation support, creative solutions in managing conservation actions from planning to implementation. Examples of how Mindy Block has increased the community’s capacity to address local issues include: development and passage of the NY Adopt A Natural Stewardship Program, and recreation of the Long Island's Master Naturalist program into a visionary Quality Parks Master Naturalist certification program.

Dedication To Raymond P. Corwin

Quality Parks President Mindy Block was married to Raymond P. Corwin, a well-known environmentalist and the energy behind the creation of the Long Island Pine Barrens Commission. Corwin served as its first Executive Director and held that office for 17 years, until his untimely death in April, 2010. After his death, John Turner, a well-known naturalist, author, adjunct instructor in the Environmental Science Program at SUNY Stony Brook, and former head of the DEP for the Town of Brookhaven, suggested that Block initiate a Master Naturalist program on Long Island. For the three years it has been in operation, the Quality Parks Master Naturalist, and will continue to be a way of engaging the community in environmental justice.

Since 2000, we are a Long Island based, 501(c)(3) charity,  improving the quality of your park visitation experience.
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